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关于 Crown Bee

56 Degrees North, a precious gift from the Rocky Mountain

The nectar source of Crown Bee’s ice honey is from the pristine fields of Rocky Mountain. The bee farm is located in a sparsely
populated area away from industrial zones, which keeps the honey pure and natural. The short harvest term, only 4 months a year,
makes the ice honey a precious gift from the Rocky Mountain.

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Color Class for Consumer Prepackaged Honey

Item Color Class Designation on Honey Classifier
Darcen Than Not Darken Than
1 White   White
2 Golden White Golden
3 Amber Golden Amber
4 Dark Amber  

Color Class for Consumer Prepackaged Honey.

Crown Bee Ice Honey, colored as white, with moisture content less than 16.5% (standard is The Honey contains not more than 17.8% moisture), crowns it as the best amongst the other Canadian top honey products.

Approved by 3 authoritative Inspection Agencies

Crown Bee Ice Honey are processed by the first class freezing technique that preserve the natural enzymes, and the quality is approved by 3 Authoritative Inspection Agencies:
• Kosher Check


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